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Donations are a great way to show your appreciation and support for Frugalware Linux. On this page we list the donations we have received so far and those that would help us in our work on Frugalware Linux.; If you have a piece of hardware or something whose Frugalware support could be improved, a good way to achieve this is to donate it to a developer.

If you would like to donate something to the whole project (i.e. a mirror), please send a mail to the frugalware-devel list, or if you do not wish to subscribe, send a mail directly to vmiklos_at_frugalware_dot_org. If you wish to donate something to an individual developer, see the authors page and send the developer a mail. You can also use the PayPal donate link on the side of the page if you wish to donate money.


Hungarian online fanzine

The Frugalware Team


  • Socket939 Motherboard + AMD Athlon64 3000+ CPU Socket939 version + 512MB DDR400 RAM (x86_64 buildserver)
  • Socket939 Motherboard + AMD Athlon64 3000+ CPU Socket939 version + 1GB DDR400 RAM (main server)
  • Codegen case for the new x86_64 buildserver (Krisztian VASAS)
  • i586 Server: Pentium MMX 200 Mhz CPU, 64 Mb memory, 2.8Gb + 37Gb HDD (Botond Balazs, Miklos Vajna)
  • Main server hosting (Sandor Szentirmay)
  • Hungarian mirrors:,,
  • European mirrors:
  • Asian mirror: Taipei City, Taiwan (National Taiwan University,
  • i686 Server: Pentium III (Coppermine) 600 Mhz, 256 Mb memory (the developer team)
  • i686 build server: Pentium II (Deschutes) 300 Mhz, 384 Mb memory
  • i686 build server hosting
  • Advertising:,
  • 2x40GB IDE HDD (Szalai, Ervin)
  • 2x160GB IDE HDD for the i686 server (Miklos Vajna)
  • 40GB IDE HDD (Kovacs, Janos)
  • Dell Optiplex P4 1.6GHz machine for main server - changed to i686 buildserver
  • Mylex DAC960 SCSI card with 2x18GB HDD (will be the base system of our x86_64 buildserver) (from Locsei, Gabor)
  • 60GB Western Digital IDE HDD (from Michael Loomis)

Andras Voroskoi


  • Ati video card for fglrx package testing (David Kimpe)

Miklos Vajna


  • 256MB extra memory to my notebook (Janos Kovacs)

Monetary donations

  • Arpad Bakos
  • Balazs Dianiska
  • Francois Biot
  • Sebastien Mazzucco
  • Marius Cirsta
  • Jean-Pierre Le Leyzour
  • Mario Bonasoro