Frugalware 2.1 (Derowd) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 2.1, our twentyfirst stable release.

Important notice: Frugalware provided a -stable and -current tree in the past. As our team shrinked quite a bit lately we lack the manpower to continue providing a,

secure and stable tree while provding bleeding edge and latest package in another. Therefore we decided to move all users to the -current tree.

For users not wanting that we will provide a static, not updated snapshot of the -current tree each time we do a release.

We also plan to release more often so this snapshots get updated faster.

Here are the most important changes since 2.0 in no particular order:

  • Package updates:
    • Linux kernel 4.7.2
    • Xorg server 1.18.4
    • Mesa 12.0.1
    • KDE (Plasma) 5.7.3
    • GNOME 3.20.2
    • LibreOffice
    • Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2
    • Chromium browser 52.0.2743.116

Please refer to the Frugalware Derowd ChangeLog for more information.

We no longer provide i686 ISOs but will continue to provide i686 packages, because they are also needed for lib32-extra packages on x86_64.

Download for x86_64: See our mirror list. Don’t forget to check the integrity of the install images before burning!

If you are upgrading to Derowd from our previous stable release (Rigel), please read the upgrade part of our documentation.