Frugalware 0.5 (Siwenna) for i686 and x86_64 released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.5, our fifth stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.5rc2:

  • Linux
  • We are proud to be one of the first distributions that ship the stable GNOME 2.16
  • 20 new packages

If you didn’t follow the changes during the pre/rc releases, here are the most important changes since 0.4:

  • Up-to-date packages: GNU C Library 2.4, GCC 4.1.1, KDE 3.5.4, XOrg 7.1, 2.0.3 (a native version for x86_64 users, too)
  • Security support: as of Frugalware-0.5, security support is provided until the release of the stable Frugalware-0.6. The -stable updates are only security fixes and bugfixes, no new features are added.
  • Created a new tool called ‘setup’ to collect the available configuration tools.
  • Localized the package manager (French, German and Hungarian translations are available)
  • Switched from bootsplash to splashy, so that the splash can be used with any custom vanilla kernel, too.
  • Installer improvements: Added wireless support, support for detecting other distributions and other operating systems, utf8-specific updates, all packages are available on CDs.
  • fw-xgl-control: Easily enables/disables Xgl on your system with one simple command.
  • fwmirror: A new tool to help mirroring Frugalware.

Please refer to the Frugalware 0.5 ChangeLog for more information.

If you don’t have space for mirroring Frugalware but you want to help other i686 users to be able to get Frugalware quickly, use the CD or DVD torrents.

If you want to sponsor us or you don’t want to download the huge images, order the i686 CDs, i686 DVDs, x86_64 CDs or x86_64 DVDs, a part of the sum goes for the support of the continued development of Frugalware!

Download for i686:

netinstall (21M), cd1 (644M), cd2 (644M), cd3 (638M), cd4 (639M), cd5 (590M), cd6 (627M), cd7 (632M), cd8 (427M), cd9 (640M), cd10 (129M), dvd1 (4.2G) dvd2 (1.2G)

Download for x86_64:

netinstall (21M), cd1 (643M), cd2 (644M), cd3 (642M), cd4 (644M), cd5 (644M), cd6 (642M), cd7 (635M), cd8 (92M), dvd1 (4.1G) dvd2 (264M)

NOTE: CDs 3-10 or the second DVD is needed only if you don’t have an internet connection!


5829cbb49528b60627fa290c2d0f8c66439139ab  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd10.iso
7972d7ae74da64794d627b5058f4f23ac06fa0b5  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd1.iso
e0a5e842d84bb4196cf05eb9d9d53bff038faef0  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd2.iso
dc0c16158368bf198714ebeff3f6338f96ac5510  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd3.iso
ade3147023769155cf35ead2738632499607ee44  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd4.iso
9810ebcd5743461e79aafce74d7abd9981326ce0  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd5.iso
919ca39d89699a8462f4ee8ac49853baf5af1caa  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd6.iso
1efdb0b68bbb1a92e86341fbab171a24b661edf5  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd7.iso
ef572faa5f6a6f103f48a7465d0ec8aeced4791f  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd8.iso
6563f6b87cecd1c54914fc130798cbc8eb49ea5e  frugalware-0.5-i686-cd9.iso
913aeea9426a9ec0453d9abd16c9e8e9b9c00cb2  frugalware-0.5-i686-dvd1.iso
635c5df1312bcf0a7f86f08d3dec77111e7fe348  frugalware-0.5-i686-dvd2.iso
b22d26e26b1ed07c285cba3c83162173fa2c4ff7  frugalware-0.5-i686-net.iso
7a7342d42f53a50bb316c596fe4188d9ae72d051  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd1.iso
6f13b4d6cffe3d42510ccb944268e34c2d587d40  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd2.iso
8824fdd05c11473cb2c7bb5a3a2d32c74d999378  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd3.iso
e8d4933ee2d1d45d827b2dd54090d5172bc4cb2c  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd4.iso
ed78594a70af0dded0483914437566702b05b576  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd5.iso
720c0f6bf84ca222a9bf000300d49783efe176fd  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd6.iso
9ec70d74470ceb69e8a4e5eb4ecb1b61b083fc21  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd7.iso
089b510f3bf59b7ea04041f237a4beb26ef50993  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-cd8.iso
4f1c3871c3b6b03773090c8509b730a8d59fae64  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-dvd1.iso
1ad4968050816e4854f5fbde8016a4a5c45be947  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-dvd2.iso
81e26cd95c1ad3502bfee1f125e19f4c81f357a6  frugalware-0.5-x86_64-net.iso

A list of bugs reported after the release of the installer images can be viewed here.

If you are upgrading from our previous stable release, you may want to read our mini-howto on this topic.