Frugalware 0.5rc1 (Siwenna) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.5rc1, the fist release candidate of the upcoming 0.5 stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.5pre2:

  • Updates:
    • Linux
    • KDE 3.5.4
    • Firefox
    • Thunderbird
    • Gnome 2.16 Beta 2 (2.15.91)
  • New features:
    • Splitted the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba and LDAP packages so that having these servers installed is no longer forced on a desktop machine
    • fwmirror: A new tool to help mirroring Frugalware
    • fw-xgl-control: Easily enables/disables Xgl on your system with one simple command
    • Homepage: improved the binary packages page - now you can browse by categories and view reverse dependencies
    • Added a workaround for nVidia cards in Xorg 7.1
    • New 0.5 artwork (except KDE)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed handling of the dependencies of the language packs
    • Fixed netinstall when using PPPoE connection
    • Burning the first DVD iso no longer requires any overburn options

Please refer to the Frugalware Testing ChangeLog for more information.

Download for i686:

NOTE: Don’t download CDs 3-9 or the second DVD unless you don’t have an internet connection

netinstall (20M), cd1 (635M), cd2 (638M), cd3 (635M), cd4 (639M), cd5 (580M), cd6 (642M), cd7 (638M), cd8 (642M), cd9 (394M), dvd1 (4.2G) dvd2 (1.1G)


385719ecc1e68a5e4b2f8c6fb49e79b7333fe820  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd1.iso
c9324c9a6bcf5024076a5f5f494fecada7d383ac  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd2.iso
ae5d33bc4c69978cbedcb4bbf3182253cc9eaecd  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd3.iso
31d386c3d81a64c3d554b186973df41071741fe9  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd4.iso
529bfcb37b7feb24e8bf62316371c54e8c4d402d  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd5.iso
b7278a5147102a1e049cdb7fb81d136893d1c4cf  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd6.iso
09a5098c561dcf406a83bfb8e5a6eec1e192aa52  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd7.iso
36e300772e5052aa5b81308af8288374c0a930d4  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd8.iso
a1a0864648db68b9c01f274ddffc9172b3ae6908  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-cd9.iso
0216a7ee71b0dda9d00d64fc093b993f2af47a2b  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-dvd1.iso
987d2302a1268a2b1033f8d00e84f8c8ce290ae9  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-dvd2.iso
a62f42f3135f1415edced1db5c9f9511de598fd7  frugalware-0.5rc1-i686-net.iso