Frugalware 1.0pre1 (Anacreon) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 1.0pre1, the first technical preview of the upcoming 1.0 stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.9:

  • Improvements:
    • The first Frugalware Installer Front-End landed in the package repository. Yes, a graphical one! This means currently you can use it to bootstrap a new Frugalware system from an existing one, but we promise we’ll improve in this area. :-)
    • Initial ‘ppc’ port. It has been actively tested on Apple boxes: iBook/Power Macintosh models, but IBM hardware is not yet supported (it may or may not work). We also paid special attention to make sure common non-x86 problems, such as playing youtube or Java applets work where possible.
    • The support for having a 32-bit chroot on x86_64 is now arrived. The key package is called emul32-tools. If you run this architecture, check out its documentation!
    • This release should install and run fine on multiple previously unsupported ASUS Eee PC models, due to the recent installer improvements and the new ath9k driver.
  • Package updates:
    • Linux 2.6.27 + security fixes
    • GCC 4.3.2
    • GNOME 2.24.1
    • 3.0
    • More than 800 other package updates
    • More than 80 new packages

Please refer to the Frugalware Anacreon ChangeLog for more information.

Download for i686, x86_64 and ppc: See our mirror list. Don’t forget to check the integrity of the install images before burning!

In case your client does not support trackerless torrents, see here.

NOTE: Click here to read more about what media you need for the installation.