Frugalware 0.6pre1 (Terminus) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.6pre1, the first technical preview release of the upcoming 0.6 stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.5:

  • New features:
    • All installed-by-default packages are now built using gcj/ecj, javac is only provided as an alternate compiler.
    • Installing from a USB stick is now supported.
    • Added PHP documentation for 23 languages.
  • Updates:
    • Linux 2.6.18 with a much improved SATA layer and a few new drivers
    • GNU C Library 2.5 with support for the new ELF hash table format
    • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 with improved tabbed browsing and inline spell checking
    • Xfce 4.4rc1: This fixes all plugin crash problems with the old Xfce 4.2.x and the new version is much more stable.
    • KDE 3.5.5 with KHTML improvements, and support for sudo in kdesu
    • 2.0.4 with a latex export filter and encryption support in the pdf export filter
    • D-Bus 0.93 with many memleaks and bugs fixed
    • neon 0.26.1 with internationalization support
    • Xen 3.0.3 with HVM and XenFB support; Xen kernels upgraded to 2.6.18
    • db 4.5.20 with Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) support
    • Python 2.5 with an interesting mix of language and library improvements
    • GNOME 2.17.1 with various bugfixes and new features
    • Binutils - this allows us to use the new ELF hash table format which is now enabled by default in our build system. This will cause a considerable performance increase in newly built packages.

Please refer to the Frugalware Testing ChangeLog for more information.

Download for i686:

NOTE: Don’t download CDs 3-9 or the second DVD unless you don’t have an internet connection

netinstall (20M), usb (18M), cd1 (642M), cd2 (643M), cd3 (639M), cd4 (642M), cd5 (636M), cd6 (641M), cd7 (642M), cd8 (641M), cd9 (642M), cd10 (250M), dvd1 (4.2G) dvd2 (1.6G)


9519c08313fd786e3b1f858e8d03fc82cf0298b3  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd1.iso
e0689fe3716099b2e052779ee41966ba428f0dd9  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd2.iso
f1bd6cafa9fcb40542a9ccb7413c1a68a503fb7b  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd3.iso
f09367e36cd1f9b8d9608d23113866a271b800d0  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd4.iso
5ebc71fa7fd6761a736d3d76970e8e392834cc2f  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd5.iso
bd4c83b05a8a1a5d59829dcef0654c4d54efb919  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd6.iso
fc1c0e4f80e290cee0450fa1812e9d549ca75572  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd7.iso
8166ca475dd2320687d0caaa30bfb5e7eb88344b  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd8.iso
19bdbe64efdb050ef1c0c551157e86b51fa05e1b  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd9.iso
08110f0ad259d2f1b2b44048a34af70ab615150b  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-cd10.iso
36b3c488cf625b090e399f655a03e55517993623  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-dvd1.iso
34c610b521a998d87f1e5fafff4a34e310f61e92  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-dvd2.iso
eeaa4b9bafab9b1c3c5454c1599687fd600b3525  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-net.iso
6b59b1e750626f907107bcec6ead006d8e6a69a7  frugalware-0.6pre1-i686-usb.tar.gz