Frugalware 0.8rc1 (Kalgan) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.8rc1, the first release candidate of the upcoming 0.8 stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.8pre2:

  • Bugfixes:
    • Improved Splash: it now presents till the very end of the shutdown process.
    • Fixed the “packages one by one” select method in the installer.
    • The LiveCD now supports copy the disc to RAM if enough memory is available to free up your CD/DVD drive.
  • Package updates:
    • Linux + security fixes
    • Xorg 7.3 + security fixes
    • GNOME 2.20.3
    • More than 300 other package updates
  • New packages:
    • etckeeper - keeps your /etc under version control
    • linuxwacom - support for the Wacom tablets
    • New Xorg drivers
    • More than 20 other new package

Please refer to the Frugalware Testing ChangeLog for more information.

Download for i686:

NOTE: Click here to read more about what media you need for the installation.

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e1d9710e9d03eb2f60bdae19f9508736a69e47d1  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd1.iso
ed9bc9a4d7a9c3b72543ba15ec384024e6311628  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd2.iso
5dfd2287460b35cc72c8b75752f650efeccf8c16  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd3.iso
7236455ca88b24a190c7f36eac2e6f83907b072a  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd4.iso
3e75227e71da14d2f2bc93a6c06a3aba38326d3e  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd5.iso
11ea903f8b8719f1a5d3c014fc1b96ca7b7d83c4  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd6.iso
91e55794fc4bee8ab7bbadff8cfbd034b29844b4  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd7.iso
0543b07353eac26a7c7a029cb97b897b8415f772  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd8.iso
24cc18f2ca1491c76225d334cca57c45f5abf394  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd9.iso
118c7ae0adfdd5020722788a49e47bba4e951b16  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd10.iso
aef1d71e6542f76077491dda3280b8e97141b9a8  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd11.iso
776a84bf9cb5d30c6e840a02d95e60dbe0b49ce1  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd12.iso
08796109ca1c98f5a69ac184995446acfbf67558  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-cd13.iso
124bc0983451cd5b5db614692c65b7ec1c434ce5  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-dvd1.iso
bb6b5cd1e157d972913ae0830075b55c7f6a1913  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-dvd2.iso
4496087ab817a7882ea252f334056ffdab5c1d5b  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-net.iso
8998a928b84754c3542343b605c68bdd8d9d97c9  fwlive-0.8rc1-i686-full.iso
1cf5151ec7177ee4afcdb00aa60f08edd04cd191  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-tftp.img.gz
285649aedc5ed076f066ecde736d4dcfa3c457e7  frugalware-0.8rc1-i686-usb.tar.gz